If you’re in the grips of anxiety, panic, agoraphobia or PTSD you may feel powerless and incapable of doing what needs to be done to change things. This isn’t true. Monique and I talk about how you have power and control even in the darkest moments. You are not stuck. You are capable of making the changes you need. You might just need to change direction, and you can!

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Do you worry that your anxiety problems are going to “ruin everything” for your friends and family?  Being worried about letting people down or ruining things can seriously stand in the way of taking the steps you need to take to build a better life.  I’ve found this to be a common theme among anxiety sufferers, so lets talk about how the happiness of others is NOT your responsibility.

You are not responsible for making people happy or sad, and you are not responsible for the positive or negative outcome of every social event, family function or other situation that involves other people in your life. In this episode Monique Koven and I discuss the origins of this distortion, how it can be an impediment to progress, and what we can do about it.

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