About That Anxiety Guy

Hi!  I’m Drew (a.k.a. “That Anxiety Guy”).  Thanks for stopping by.

I had my first panic attack way back in the Spring of 1986. Quite the memorable experience.  Since then, I’ve dealt with anxiety, panic, agoraphobia and depression on and off in my life.  There have been some very difficult times for me in the past.  In 2005 I decided I was done with the side effects of medication, and decided to get my life back.  Putting my background in behavioral and learning theory to work for me, I’ve learned to live a normal life again through the use of tools like cognitive behavior and exposure therapy.

I get a huge amount of personal fulfillment by helping people that struggle with the things I’ve struggled with in the past. I’ve decided to share my story, and my toolkit, online.  I’m not selling anything and I don’t promise any easy, comfortable, miracle “cure” for your problems.  I’m all about straight talk, honesty, and good basic advice on how to get past anxiety related issues. I’m not a doctor nor a licensed therapist.  I’m just sharing what I’ve learned on my journey in the hope that it might help you in some small way.

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