Cure For The Commonest Type of Nervous Illness – HHFYN Chap 5

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Today Holly and I discuss chapter 5 of Claire Weekes’ Hope and Help For Your Nerves.  In this chapter Dr. Weekes discusses her four cornerstone principles for “curing” what she called nervous illness.  We talk in detail about which each of these principles means, how to apply them when dealing with panic and anxiety issues, and we also touch on use of the word “cure”, which might not always be the best term to use.  We talk about how these four principles require you to do exactly the opposite of what you’ve probably been doing to deal with your anxiety issues.  What Dr Weekes calls a “cure” is a simple plan for sure, but can be difficult to execute for this reason.

Cornerstone Principles For Curing Nervous Illness

  • Facing
  • Accepting
  • Floating
  • Letting Time Pass


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